Motivational Monday

8:21 PM

Summer is definitely just around the corner but before you get there you need to go pass through the crowd. It's the last quarter of the year and I am on a verge of breaking down due to endless assignments, performance tasks, and other activities. This post is to help you get through your week.


There are just times that you think twice about what you want to do which is not a bad thing. What makes it bad is when you don't do it out of fear and being judged. I personally have these moments and I end up regretting it. So if you really want to do something especially if it's something that will make you happy, do it. Don't mind what the people around you will tell or think of you.

Okay so let's all be real here, who among you procrastinates a lot? I for one end up doing things the next day due to procrastination. Which is why I want to make sure that this year I would lessen this type of habit. This blog should not be here if it weren't because of my mom pushing me to make one. I always wanted to make a blog but I usually end up not doing it due through procrastination so when I found my motivation I made sure to start doing it and here it is now.

This quote has got to be one of my favorite since it talks about being beautiful despite our differences. Insecurities are normal to be felt but it should not eat you up to the point you change your self to be someone else. Always remember that you are not born to live up to the expectations of the people. You're uniquely beautiful no matter what the people tell you.

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