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As you've read in my last post "20 Facts About Me", I love watching youtube and I think I'm quite addicted to it hehehe... So today I thought why not post and talk about my favorite youtubers. By the way, before I start this post I just want to say that the people I'm going to be posting here are not the only youtubers I love and watch, cause if I did post all of 'em then this might go on forever HAHAHA! I'm only going to post the ones I've been watching the most recently :))

1) Bethany Mota

I'm proud to say that I was there when Beth's channel name was still Macbarbie07. Bethany was my first ever youtuber that I watched before everything went downhill HAHAHA! She inspired me to be confident and turn any problems into a challenge to make me stronger. I am also very proud of where her career got her now since she has her own perfume line and also a clothing line!

2) Zoe Sugg aka Zoella
Zoe is my spirit animal HAHAHA! I love how she is very optimistic and teaches her viewers how to overcome their problems. Her style is very unique which I really love. I think it’s safe to say that she is everything goals since she has a very successful career, cute dog, very loving friends, a cool and awesome brother, and of course a boyfriend who is always there for her. 

3) Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog

Alfie Deyes is the first youtuber that I showed to my dad and we watched him together. It was really funny since I remember my dad trying to imitate his british accent and I did the same too! HAHA! When it comes to cool gadgets the first person that would come to my mind is Alfie since he's a gadget guru. 

4) Tanya Burr - Chapman

Tanya Burr has this really soothing voice that I sometimes fall asleep while watching her videos. And to be honest, I’m not the type of person to always where a makeup and in fact I don’t even know how *hides behind the curtain* but I always find myself wanting to watch Tanya and sometimes even wishing for her to do my makeup.  And BTW!! Congrats to Tanya and Jim on their marriage hoping there will be little Tanya and Jim soon. 

5) Jim Chapman

Jim is my ultimate favorite when it comes to men styles, he has this really sophisticated and effortless look that makes him stand-out from the rest. Also his wittiness and smartness makes me love watching his videos. I super love his videos about Tanya’s sleep talking!! And have you seen his attempt to do Tanya’s makeup? Super adorable!! 
6) Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe

JOEEEEEE!!! My go to Youtuber when I’m feeling sad cause he knows how to cheer me up with his really amusing and creative videos. He is the brother of zoe, their collabs are the cutest and will definitely put a smile on your face. Joe has this really cool talent that he can imitate any character you ask and he has this really amazing talent in drawing. He came to the Philippines last year with his bestfriends, Caspar Lee and Oli White, unfortunately I didn’t get the tickets to meet them but I hope I can get to see them in the future.
7) SacconeJolys

Anna, Jonathan, Emila, and Eduardo or also known as the SacconeJolys are my first ever family vlog I watch on Youtube. Emilia the smarty pants never fails to amaze me with how articulate she speaks when she is just 3 years old. While Eduardo puts a tears in my eyes whenever he speaks or talk since I can’t believe how he’s not a baby anymore that is still learning how to crawl and talk. Anna and Jonathan are really strong parents because with whatever challenges they are given, they still stay true to who they are and manage to be a loving wife, husband and parents to their children.

8) Itsjudyslife

My favorite filipino vloggers are these adorable family. Judy and Benji shows their life of being a cool mom and a foodie dad through videos. And of course their adorable twins Keira and Miya along with their sweet sister Juliana. Whenever I watch their videos, the kids are always the highlight since they are really sweet, funny and talented. 

9) Connor Franta

The work of art, Connor shows his great personality and wittiness through videos. His thoughts and opinions he shares online are the things I love about him since he is very open and brave which helps his audience connect with him. Ever since I first started watching him, I would always copy his outro as he does it cause it's really unique and cool.

10) Argilee Desacula

And of course the last but not the least, my best friend, chummy, Argilee aka LifeofArgilee. This post was actually inspired by one of her videos called "Top 10 favorite youtubers" so if you want to check it out, just click her name and it will lead you to her channel. I've known chummy since I was in kinder...? I think (sorry chummy) She posts cool rants, favorites and challenges which makes me want to watch her videos all day! 

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  1. Hey! Love this post - so detailed. I love Beth and Zoella too, but have to say Freddy My Love is my favourite. Great list:)

    1. Aww Thank you Rebecca! I haven't watch Freddy's videos but thanks for recommending him I will soon binge watch him hahah!


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