What's in my bag?

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Let's start with saying that most of the time my bag contains empty candy wrapper, tissues, and some random paper. But for now, let's just leave that behind. I'm actually obsessed with bags ever since I was a kid which means that I can't just pass through an aisle of bags without admiring or taking a look at it. And also I've been watching YouTube videos about "What's in my bag?" and I want to remake that in a Blog post kind of style.

     Belladonna Bag
If you see my pictures on my Instagram, you'll notice that this is the bag that I use most of the time when going out. Not just because of it's style but because it's really convenient as it has a lot of space. Though I don't really carry around a lot of stuff, my mom asks me to put me her things in my bag when she "doesn't feel like bringing a bag". I've been looking for a specific type of backpack with the color black and gold, so when I found this I immediately bought it. The price is actually very affordable than you think and I've had this bag for a year now.

  Panda Purse
If you haven't noticed yet from the picture, I love pandas! My friend gave that to me for Christmas last year and I have been using it ever seen. It holds all my hair-ties, pins, my panda nail clippers, and girl necessities.  

Notebook and pen
Have you ever gone out and your mom suddenly asks you to write down something and you just scurry over your bag looking for a pen and a paper? cause I have experienced that a lot of times which is why I carry around  pen and paper with me for when I need it especially when I get bored.

Not sure what it's actually called but that perfume has been my all time favorite. It reminds me of watermelons for some reason HAHA! And I ran out of it recently so know I'm on a mission to look for another one like it.

Kylie (Candy K)
Never have I imagined myself wearing any make-up when going out cause I was never good at putting make-up on but out of nowhere I asked my aunt to buy it for me which quite shocked me cause she actually did buy it for me and now I'm really into it especially it's addicting chocolate-ish scent. 

Okay let's be real here, who even goes out today without their phone? Most of us carry around our phone all the time. And being a person that I am who likes taking pictures, a phone is a must.

Phone charger
There is really no need to explain this. I don't have a powerbank so I carry around my charger hoping find an outlet to charge my phone.

                                                            What do you have in your bag?

            Please comment down below some suggestions of what blog posts I should do next.  ❤



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