Nature Photography

2:54 PM

Other than sharing DIY's, fashion inspiration and thoughts, I am also into photography. My brother was the one who actually introduced me to it since  he would take cool pictures of flowers and beautiful sceneries whenever we go on a family holiday. So today, I would like to show you some of the pictures of nature that I've captured and kept on my phone for a very long time. And also by capturing these photos, it helps me reminisce the good times with my family. I hope you like the photos I've captured from places I've visited here in the Philippines.

Just a reminder, not all these photos are captured by me some are captured by my brother and mom.

( BTW those floating on the water you see are not trashes, those are big stones since it was low tide when we went to visit that place.) 

(Please do not take these pictures, or if you do take it please, GIVE CREDITS)

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8 Happy thoughts

  1. Oh my your photography is just gorgeous!! x
    Morgan |

    1. Thank you so much! So is yours btw 😄 I checked out your blog ☺️

  2. Ohhh so beautiful! X


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