A Night of Rendezvous

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Promenade, the most exciting night of a teen and also the most unforgettable moments of high school life. From the palatable served food to the blissful night dance, surely this event will capture your heart.

This year's Prom was entitled "A Night of Rendezvous" wherein 9th Grade students wore a red dominant dress/ suit while 10th grade students wore a blue dominant dress/suit. And I must say, everyone did take their outfit to a whole new level!

Let's start with the lobby, when my friend and I got there we didn't expect to be the last people to enter everyone was already there taking pictures.

This is when Erica and I found a cool spot to take picture and so the obligatory fierce picture is taken.

The ambiance of the event is indeed welcoming and its luxurious interior made us more excited for the program. The hotel itself had a very modern interior design and each corner consisted of Instagram-ready vibe. Unfortunately I didn't have pictures of the food since we were to keep our phones away as food were served but nevertheless the food were delicious from the appetizer and especially the mouth watering dessert.

Of course the most exciting part in the prom was the open dance floor. Kuddos to the dj for playing cool music all throughout the night and for keeping the spirits up!

What's a prom without a photobooth right? As soon as the photobooth were open everyone rushed to take their pictures and they even have props to make it more fun.

Braso! The Seniors signature pose.
 Overall the event was very memorable and fun. Another accomplishment to the student council!
The event was held at B Hotel, Quezon City on February 18, 2017. The hotel staff were very accommodating and the lounge area are very comfortable since we stayed there for an hour before we entered the ballroom area. The location was quite far but with the help of waze app or google map you can reach that destination.

(Disclaimer: Not all pictures are mine, all credits goes to the owner of the pictures)

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