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Summer is about to end which gives us the perfect reason to hit the beach/pool and splash on those cold water before we are faced with reality aka books and endless homework. With all the noise and stress we experience in the city, why not take a break and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful summer. Club Morocco is a perfect getaway if you're those type of people that enjoy peaceful and quiet time alone or with the family and friends.

Club Morocco is a Moroccan inspired resort and country club located at Subic Bay, Subic (Zambales). As you enter the resort, you would really notice that the interiors are designed to perfection that will really make you feel that you have teleported to Morocco.

There are a lot of activities that can be done that will surely never leave you bored during your stay. A large pool and beach is the most fun part as you have a choice. Aside from swimming, there is also a tennis court, beach volleyball, basketball, billiards, and bowling!

Being a person that looooves taking pictures, the place is surely perfect for people who are into photoshoots as every corner is instagram-ready. (cause who doesn't love taking pictures when everything around you is artsy right?)

The whole place itself is like a palace and honestly it reminded me of Jasmine and Aladin when I entered the resort. If you want to visit Club Morocco without going through the hassle of waiting to book once you get there, you can click Here. lets you book into different hotels without hassle. Cause who wouldn't want to go straight into their hotel rooms to relax once you get to your destination right?


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