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What issss uuuuppp!!! I'm back with a very cool story to share with all of you. Okay, so based on the title of this post, I will be rambling to you guys my experience on youtube fanfest. So buckle up, grab a coffee or a tea or which ever you like since this might be a very long conversation with you peeps.

Let's start of with how I got the tickets. So 3 days before the releasing of tickets, I was already freaking out since my favorite Youtbers are coming to the Philippines to meet us! I got super excited that I waited for like 4 hours before the releasing of the tickets just to make sure I don't run out. And after 4 minutes guess what? The tickets were all sold out! Luckily I got to buy the tickets before everything were gone.

So before the Big day I already planned my outfit, and the person i'm going with. But unfortunately the person I'm going with has an emergency so she couldn't come. Good thing my ever supportive mom agreed to come with me.

                                                                  May 27 2016

After reading some posts about the fanfest last year, I can say that this year's fanfest was much more organized and wider in terms of people capacity.

I've always dreamed of taking a picture with this "Youtube" logo and I finally got one!

When I finally I got in the event area, I couldn't control my happiness. I was beaming widely when I saw the main stage and the viewers who waited for a long time to finally see their idols. I mean seriously, who would even thought that the person you're watching on youtube almost everyday is actually coming to the Philippines to see and meet us.
But also when I got in, I was looking for my friends who were also fans of Connor Franta. Sadly, I couldn't find them cause there were 5 to 6 thousand fans came to watch. Even thought there was a lot of people, the event area was still really spacious and still very cold. There was a smaller stage at the other side of the event area where different performers were called out to showcase their talents.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Janina here!" I finally met Janina!!!! I was fangirling already when the host introduced her, i may or may not  accidentally pushed the guy infront of me just to get infront *oops!*

After watching Janina's live interview, I went around the event area to have a look of the things we can do and whilst doing that I got to take loads of selfies with youtubers such as Wil, LauraReid and Christian and many more.

There was loads of stuff to do in Youtube Fanfest. Before you could get in, they will be giving you a stub to do and complete in order to win m&g passes and some freebies. Let's talk about the wifi now. Before going to World Trade (which is where the event was held) the official account of youtube said that there will be wifi and charging station,. Which is really cool since we can stalk our idols and update our friends at home of what's happening in that moment. And another cool thing is that there is an unli charging station for free!

And here we have a picture of me with the real Connor Franta! Kidding! *Cries a river for not getting a m&g pass to meet Con*

Looks like I'm one of their children cause of my green shirt HAHAHA!
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Look at Connor tho! "Why u so cute?" *insert alex voice*

After waiting for more than 3 hours. The long wait is finally over. Each performer came out and all I could do was stare and cry at the same time cause I never thought that the people I watch on youtube everyday was actually infront of me and talking to us live. I never felt more dumbstruck when I saw Connor smile and wave to us on stage. One of the funny part of fanfest was Alex and Ron eating Balut. They asked him dares and truths and one of the dares were eating a balut. Ron was pretty tough to eat the whole balut but Alex just couldn't handle the look of it HAHA!

Filharmonic serenading the fans with their angelic voices.

Just before the program started.

Sorry for the low quality picture. But look at Connor waving at his viewers!!

All Youtubers came out at the last prod to play charades but I didn't have a picture of it since I had to leave early. There was also confetti everywhere at the last part which made me tear up when I saw it on twitter cause I was hoping to see Connor on stage again but then right when I left, he came out. Over all, the whole show was a great success. Kudos to the people in charge of organizing the event, you all made the viewers smile throughout the show. 

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  1. Omg! I didn't got the chance to go there. But i hope next year, i'll be able to attend this amazing event :) And got a chance to see all my fav youtubers especially Janina & Wengie. huhu!

    Love, Nicole. | The Unrealistic Realist Bella

    1. I literally waited for 4 hrs before the releasing of tickets just to have them hahaha! Don't worry next time for sure you'll be going and you'll have the chance to meet your faves. 😊

  2. Wow. You're a lucky fella. I've been watching YouTubers since like forever and I missed this opportunity again. haha. Thank You for sharing =)

    God Bless! | Brotherly Creative | Instagram

    1. Same! I'm addicted to youtube and have been watching them for a very long time now haha which is why I grab the opportunity when I saw that they were coming to Manila 😊

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