9 Things I've learned in Ninth Grade

8:30 AM

After some debate whether or not I should post a topic like this, I decided that this will not just be  beneficial to me since I can look back the things that makes me who I am now but also help you, readers to learn something from my experience. I am not saying this to tell you that I have been faced through  a lot of obstacles since I am still 15 and will be facing a lot more in the real world by that I mean "Adult World". I have been reading other's blog and some also wrote about their life lessons throughout their years...

1) There will always be someone that will not like you for who you are, don't be fooled into changing yourself just to live up to their expectations.

2) Everyone has their own flaws, don't be ashamed of it, instead, love it and flaunt it.

3) Do something you love the most even if it seems scary to you, because at this point, regret is your biggest enemy.

4) Never judge a person base on their appearance.

5) It's okay to fail sometimes, it just means that there is room for correcting your mistakes.

6) Your health is more important, take a break if your feeling stressed from that 10 pages essay.

7) STOP PROCRASTINATING! Start doing your project that is due next week. I guarantee you, you'll thank yourself in the future.

8) Open up to your parents from time to time, I promise you they won't judge you instead they will give you the best advice.

9) There will always be a bumpy road ahead, don't lose hope and keep praying. Remember what you are facing right now is just temporary, there will always be a rainbow after a hurricane.

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