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Do you ever experience those days where you just can't get a song out of your head and you keep replaying and you keep singing it out loud cause I do! And there are also days where I just can't stop humming a tune but I don't even know what that song is called so I'm left there repeating the tune just to see if I can remember what the song title is.

I think this is a struggle every music lover experience which is why I would like to share some of the songs that keeps replaying either on my mind or always on repeat in my music list.

Song Favorites:

1) Mine- Phoebe Ryan

2)Body Gold- oh wonder

3)Youth- Troye Sivan

4) Secret Love Song- Little Mix

5) Bite- Troye Sivan

6) Act like you love me- Shawn Mendes

7) Don't let me down- Chainsmokers

8) Running Low- Shawn Mendes

9) Kill 'em with Kindness- Selena Gomez

10) Kanye- Chainsmokers

11) Hundred miles- Yall

By the way, this will be a monthly series that my best friend and I talked about. So every month there will be different topics about our favorites in which you need to keep an eye out! :)

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