16 years, A trip down memory lane

4:00 AM

November 1, 2016

Yes, today is my birthday a.k.a Happy Halloween! It's weird calling it Sweet 16 as it's celebrated in a different way and by different I mean in a scary way. Time passes by so fast and waits for no one, it feels like I was just 10 year old yesterday and know i'm 16! wooahh! 

I don't know what's in store for me in being a 16 year old girl besides knowing that I got to enjoy the blissful life ahead. If I would be given a chance to go back into being 5 I would! cause I definitely miss the times I would run around the house playing "treasure hunt" with my cousins and brother and boy were those days exciting! We would hide our toys in places we think are difficult to find and write clues on where the toys are hidden so they could find it and whoever finds the treasure first wins. The game was actually inspired by the famous TV show before called the "Amazing Race", my brother and I would watch that and cheer for our favorite team. 

I look forward to many more roller coaster adventure, and hoping to step out of my comfort zone and really do things I've never done before.

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