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  Ask me what's the best thing about being a junior? It's of course the JS Promenade!   This is one of the most memorable night of my junior year because it was my first ever prom. We usually have a  students night wherein grade 7,8,9, and 10 are joined or what we so call a "despedida party" for the seniors. But this year, thanks to our student council we are able to have a junior&Senior Prom.

  The theme for this year's prom is likened to a gatsby since we were told to wear a black or white dress with a touch of red for the Juniors while a touch of gold for the Seniors.

   As soon as I entered the event I was surprise to see my friends already taking a picture by the garden (I mean what do I expect? HAHAHA!) We then went to the pool side to take more pictures which made me more excited since the place looks incredible and so instagram worthy. One thing  I noticed when I entered the event area is that my friends really took their outfits to a new level!
  My Favorite part in the prom was the cotillion in which grade 9 and 10 separately choreographed a waltz dance. The song choice was amazing too, "Thousand years" for the grade 9 and "Can I have this dance" for the grade 10. There was also a mix dance in which  chosen students from both grd 9 and 10  danced to a song called "So close" from the movie "Enchanted". 

  Of course after the slow dance, we were given a chance to actually party and dance to EDM. The girls partied and ended up complaining because of the pain their high heels gave them. Despite that, everyone had a great time dancing and made lot more friends.

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