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Funny how people tend to become very serious as they grow old. Always on a hurry to do things, stressing about their due deadlines, and seem to forget how to have a little fun. Remember, the time does not wait for us so go and do things that makes you happy and enjoy from time to time but of course never forget our priorities.

It's never wrong to have a "kid at heart" moments as this helps offset the things that burden us for awhile. And I do believe that this moments does not indicate that we are immature just cause we tend to laugh at little things, get very excited over a chocolate cake or even watch cartoons such as Tom & Jerry. It only shows how we look and handle life and it's being positive about everything. Being an optimistic person does not just benefit us individually but also the people around us since we are relational being which means we are all connected to each other, so when one's outlook in life is positive we affect the people around us by changing their mindset.

One example of having a "kid at heart" moments is when my family and I went on a vacation and whilst walking around, I found a play area where no one was playing since most kids were already in the pool area and having a splash. I decided to try the monkey bar but much to my dismay, I couldn't do it since i was too heavy and unfit hahaha! So on to the next part of the playground were the wheels laying on the ground which surprise me cause I did enjoy it. When I was about to leave the playground, my eyes suddenly fell on the swing so of course I ran to it and tried it. And oh! Those little moments made me have a little flashback moments to when I would run around the playground and when I see a swing I would run to it and play on it until I get tired.

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